Mount Abu in Rajasthan: The Indian experience I will never forget!


Amidst the dusty landscape of the state of Rajasthan (India), Mount Abu is the most preferred tourist destination and the best weekend gateway to experience a quality time with friends and family. This is the only hill station in the desert state of the country and quenches the thirst of the people seeking for a cool and a peaceful environment.

20160115_133747I happened to visit this oasis of culture and beauty back in 2015. You must have heard or read that unplanned trips are the most amazing ones. Well, that’s what I am going to share in this article. What happens when a guy steps out of his comfort zone to a completely new environment and begin to explore it, without knowing the challenges he might encounter…

One fine evening, sitting in the hostel dorms, I finally decide to leave for this majestic place and guess what? I am on the way to the first independent adventure trip of my life the next morning. The beautiful hillside on the way to Abu Road, the nearest railway station to Mount Abu, the hefty langurs that greet people who come to Mount Abu, the windy atmosphere, and the fresh air. Trust me! One of the best things one can ever experience.

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I had very little or actually no proper experience of how to select a hotel to stay or how to bargain with auto drivers and vendors. After I reached my destination, almost tired and in earnest need of a place of relax, the first mission I accomplished after two long hours of struggle to find myself a room. Thanks to my friend who was experienced in these stuffs.


Remember! If you wanna actually dwell in the beauty of this place, hire bikes and travel across the town. It’s only then that you will be able to fully enjoy the Mother Nature and the serene beauty. That’s what I and my friend did. Riding up and down the hills, throughout the town…swinging the hands while sitting in the backseat of the bike and singing some old classic songs of 1970’s and 80’s.

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Traveling becomes much more fun if you are with one who understands you and respects your emotions. That’s how my friend was. We started early in the morning, went for a walk across the town, hired a bike later that day and began exploring. One warning for the people- there is one refueling station in the town. Don’t forget to refill the fuel tank before you start the trip.

We headed towards the Guru Shikhar, the highest point on the Aravali ranges of Mount Abu. The curvy roads of that hill…it’s actually fun to ride…but so scary when you look down the valley. On the way we visited the Peace Park, its beautiful garden, so properly cut and maintained trees, a true stress buster indeed. Singing all the way aloud, we reached our first planned spot. Damn! It’s so beautiful. That ambiance has captured a special place in my heart. The pictures above say it all…

Some of the most enchanting places we visited include the Dilwara temples, Trevors Tank, the wildlife sanctuary, the museum that depicts the rich history of the place and the state, honeymoon point and much more…

But, must say that the carvings and the architecture of Dilwara temples will leave you awestruck. Nowhere in the world, can you witness such a rich traditional architecture and design. Unfortunately, you cannot carry phones and cameras inside the temple without the permission of the government and the temple authority. At the temple Arbuda Devi, don’t forget to get yourself clicked in traditional colorful outfits. Well! If you are visiting India for the first time and have never attended an Indian wedding, you might be lucky enough to witness one. Have some extra time left, visit the public aquarium. There’s an enormous variety of cute and colorful fishes, which are most loved by the children.

Sit back and relax guys! The climax of this trip is the place about which I haven’t discussed yet – ‘The sunset point’. The stupendous view of this place…if you don’t reach before time, you are sure to miss the best place to spot the sunset over the magnificent valley of Mount Abu. Take a horse to witness this marvel creation of the almighty followed by the famous Baba Ride, a small cart kind of thing which takes you up and then down the road to your destination…it’s so thrilling and trust me you just cannot stop yourself from screaming to the highest pitch you can. Don’t forget to visit the honeymoon point if you are a couple or with your girlfriend. I happened to very over-excited after reaching the sunset point and without my notice, I reached at a point on the hill from where I began to lose my grip on the rocks. The scariest thing because if you fail to stop yourself, you will land up straight down the deep valley. This place has the best sunset in the country and the view is just breathtaking. Also, purchase lanterns in advance and light them after witnessing that magnificent beauty.

20160116_181102After such an amazing day, the utmost need is the food…umm! I got water in my mouth thinking about the same, haha! India is rich in its cuisine. The spices are what makes the food so tasty and delicious. Go grab a table at the Arbuda Restaurant or a pizza from Dominos. Wherever you eat, the quality is assured. You will see a lot of street stalls and will be attracted by the same. Purchase those that you feel is not available in the place you stay or is unique to your perspective. I got many things but the most special was a key ring on which I engraved the name of one of my very special friends and things like this make this place worth remembering for couples. There are numerous such shops and stalls. All this was done in merely two days’ time because my uni classes were about to resume.

DSC_0042All the things above was about the place and the fun I had. Now is the fact why I can never forget this place. This trip literally changed my perspective towards life. Being fascinated by the fact to travel all alone, an independent teen, I understood the importance of money, how to spend money, how to bargain and it brought me one step closer to my life. I understood responsibilities, love, affection and developed confidence. These things matter a lot when you live alone and have to take decisions on your own. What I learned from this short trip, one can never learn from books or movies.

Remember readers, never fear to try anything new in your life. The worst thing that might happen to you is that you might fail or might not like trying that. You won’t lose anything. Everything happens for some good reason and teaches us lessons that we can never forget.


That’s all about my experience.

Hope my international readers visit this country soon!

Happy Reading!

Keep Exploring!


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