Cozumel Island, Mexico: Island beyond the sun

Cozumel Chankanaab jpg
Cozumel Caribbean beach. Due to some circumstances all the pictures (except the last one) are derived from Google.

Cozumel was the last place that I had a pleasure to discover during my student exchange in Mexico in 2014/2015.

It’s the place that brings me back to the best memories of my travel in Latin America.  I knew that I couldn’t turn back the time as that was the last opportunity to discover myself before I had to return home for good. To return home, to my old self, to be me, new again..

Cozumel gives you everything that no other place will ever give you.
It gives you the freedom just from the moment you stand your foot at its white sands. You immediately become immersed in the Mexican tropical culture which happens just by looking at the widely smiled faces of local people, Mexican flavours and enjoying its daring food. The traditional Latin music in conjunction with turquoise sea makes you feel as if heaven really existed.


By entering the green and leafy jungle of the island you begin to realize how full of life and history the island really is.

Cozumel is the island full of plants and species which you can’t find in any other place. There also the ancient temples of Mayan culture and blue lagoons inhabited by wild crocodiles. You can sunbathe at the Caribbean white beaches and dive in the infinite reefs. You can have it all and even more.

The days that I spent on this island, just in front of the Yucatan peninsula situated between the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea – woke something inside me. They woke up an insatiable curiosity, posed many questions and opened my mind to search for the answers. I’ve started to long for the new horizons and what I mean by saying that is that I’ve begun to question my existence. There’s no room for an exaggeration.

Mexico as a country itself and Cozumel as an ultimate heaven destination changed my life in many ways.


The 15th of January 2015 was the day when I had to say goodbye and return home to Málaga in Spain. The last and the strongest memory of Cozumel I have is the view of the island we’ve seen from the boat that took as back to Playa del Carmen, mainland of Mexico.

That was a cloudy day, there was no sunshine at all but I completely loved it.
In the end, we had no choice but to agree with the lyrics of Spanish musician, Joaquin Sabina:

“Que al lugar donde has sido feliz no debieras tratar de volver..“

English: “You should not try to return to the place where you’ve been happy..“

-Joaquin Sabina ‘Peces de ciudad’

I want to conclude my experience in Cozumel by sharing one photograph that means enormously a lot for me. It is because only in the absence of the sun you can appreciate the infinity of that island full of wonders..

2015-01-17 13.58.37(1)

“(…) Cuando se multiplicó la muchedumbre de los hijos de la Tierra, fue el centro Cuzamil, la flor de la Tierra, la jícara de la Tierra, el primer árbol de la Tierra, el corazón de la Tierra (…)


My message to you doesn’t give you any hint about which sides of Cozumel you should visit. I’m not going to tell you which routes you should take.

What I want to tell you is that you should never be scared of getting lost. One day when you arrive to Cozumel I want you to wander and get lost.

Cozumel will help you find yourself and you’ll discover the parts of you that you had no clue existed before.

You’ll learn the lessons that you’ll never forget.



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